Darts, Snooker, Poker, Cribbage & Jackpot Machine


The Camberley and District (CADS) Darts Team play in the Blackwater & District Darts League (BDDL).  Matches are Monday evenings and the team play in the A division of both the Winter & Summer Leagues.

Matches are between teams of 6 players – played at home and away – against many local teams including the Railway/Frimley, Plough & Horses/Cove, Crowthorne Social Club, Cove Cricket Club, Sovereign Snooker Club, Albert Street Club and Hawley Bridge Club.

Practice days/evenings are Thursday and Sunday with the CADS team boasting several County Players including 13 year old Ella and her dad!

We have facilities to host matches and welcome all darts players to enjoy the facilities that CADS offers.  Until Covid restrictions are changed, the darts team practice regularly maintaining social distancing but matches will resume only when it is safe.


We have two excellent and well maintained snooker tables for use at £4.50 per hour that take £1.50 tokens for 20 minutes play, plus a full size american pool table.

The Club would like to participate in local leagues but we need players to form a team.  The club is embarking on a program to ensure the tables meet league standards.  There is bench seating for at least 20 people to watch matches and of course we have a bar to keep spectators interested in more than just the snooker!

Players are requested to use your own cues but you MUST sanitise the Club equipment with wipes provided, before and after your game – including balls, rests and the wooden sides of the table.  Wearing gloves is recommended.


This is very popular but Poker will resume when the Government allows Casinos to open.

Thursday night Poker – A very sociable game that does not require any experience to join.  We have members that have played for years and still don’t really know what they are doing!

We start at 7.30 pm, but as long as we know you are coming, you can arrive later and still join in.  The buy in is £15 and there are no re-buy ins or hidden extras.

We welcome anyone that wants to play either regularly or as a one off and we are happy to help beginners or those that haven’t played much to understand the rules as we play.

For those that play regularly we have a league that runs in seasons from between 8 to 20 weeks in duration.  Every place gets points towards the league and the top 9 at the end of each season get invited to the final night, with the chance to win the money we have been playing for all season.  It won’t allow you to retire early, but its enough to make you smile!

The league website can be
found here –

Please contact Gary Smith on or 07771 920039 for more details

Wednesday and Friday afternoon Poker – starts at 2.30 pm and usually finishes by 5.30 pm.

The “Texas Hold ‘Em” game fee is £5 plus £1 for the highest hand.  All “novices” are helped and will quickly learn the basics.  You can easily learn how to play from the internet or by watching poker on late night TV.

Depending on the number of players there are up to three prizes created by the entry fees.  There are toilet breaks and essential bar breaks with the game suspended until players return from the beer recycling center.  The minimum number of players is 4 with no maximum.  All new payers are very welcome and usually 8/9 people play regularly.  It is great fellowship, fun and great value for three hours entertainment – or at least until you are knocked out!

Please contact Jack Sinclair for more details.

Enjoy a flutter and win the Jackpot

For the benefit of members who enjoy an occasional flutter the Club plays host to sweepstakes and gaming machines as follows;

A Cash Box lottery fruit machine with maximum spin stake is limited to £2.00 and jackpot is £500.00 which is regularly won.  The Gaming Machine will be sanitised after each Member finishes playing.

A scratch card lottery machine whose cards cost £1.00 each with maximum prize payout of £250.  There are a set number of wins in each machine, from £2 to 2 x £250!

A weekly meat raffle which is drawn at 9.00 pm Friday evenings.  Prizes are provided by Hatto & Sons Butchers in Frimley.  Tickets are £1.00 each.

A weekly Saturday “Six Predict the Score” for six football matches during the football season.  Entrance fee £3.00 per week.

An annual Christmas Draw with tickets priced at £1.00 each.  A percentage of the total prize fund is distributed to local charities.

Ad-hoc sweep stakes on Golf Majors and Horse Racing events.

Good luck!


This is very popular but Cribbage matches will resume when the Government allows Casinos to open.

We have an active cribbage team that plays against local clubs at home and away through the summer and winter seasons in a local league.  If two for his heels (turning up a Jack at the start) or one for his nob (holding a jack with of the same suit as the top card in your hand) is a favourite card game for you, then join the fun at CADS.